(from the MRB show/ Bazovsky series)

All the paintings in the “MRB” exhibition were shown at the Bazovský Gallery in Trencín (SVK) between June 28th and August 12th, 2018.

“MRB” is a Miroir Noir series of paintings on canvas inspired by the not so well known drawings of the late Slovak modernist Miloš Alexander Bazovský (1899 – 1968).

Those Bazovsky's drawings reflected the gradually changing appearance of the 1930's and post-war landscapes in the Slovak lands, due to electrification and deforesting.

MRB is the first letters acronym for the three artists involved: M (Miloš K), R (Rai E), B (Bazovský) and is a gimmie to Bazovský’s signature M.A.B.,(Miloš Alexander Bazovský), that he often used as an abbreviated form of his full name.

In December 2018, was be the 50th anniversary of Miloš A. Bazovský’s death and this was a curated exhibition for this anniversary.
Those new works were created between 2017 and 2018.
Bazovský’s original study drawings, stripped of his traditional dark, earthy colours, reduced to a quick sketch not made into a painting, was a sufficiently strong impulse for the Miroir Noir couple to capitalise on the gesture of painting, the precision of line, with the opportunity to reflect on their own paintings, independently of Bazovský’s original work and colour, and enabled them to use their own approaches to dark aesthetics, the painting technique, and the landscape’s thematic shift towards the present day.

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Za riekou (Behind the river), acrylic on canvas, 100x90cm, 2018.

Za riekou (Behind the river), acrylic on canvas, 100x90cm, 2018.